VIOS benutzt gerbstofffreies Naturleder.

Leather is a natural product.
It remains such at VIOS.

VIOS consciously uses leather types which are free of heavy metals, such as chromium, and have only been treated with environmentally friendly and biodegradable substances. Nowadays, 90% of leather worldwide is tanned using heavy metals, primarily with chromium III salts. As a consequence of the addition of synthetic preservatives and coatings as well as aluminium-based dyes, the natural properties such as breathability and the grain (skin texture) of natural leather are mostly destroyed. These additives can render the leather not only detrimental to health, but also ecologically unusable.

VIOS uses exclusively plant-based or synthetic tanning substances which only pollute the wastewater from tanneries slightly. Thus, slag from the treated wastewater could be applied as a fertiliser for fields. The use of products from plant-based or synthetically tanned leather is also healthy for the environment because contaminants or unusable heavy metals cannot enter the environment in an uncontrolled manner when the leather or shoes are disposed of at landfill sites and waste incineration plants.

VIOS always tries to go one step further with leather and to improve the use of raw materials in production and energy efficiency. Together with its partners, VIOS resolutely researches the development of better environmentally compatible and higher quality leather types for sustainable shoe manufacturing.

Thursday, 13. April 2017