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Our feet support us throughout our life. Following our initial attempts to walk, we use them to move through the world. Whatever route we take in life, our feet will always have faithful companions: shoes.

VIOS is an innovative brand with the vision of developing the perfect shoe, which can be returned to the organic cycle of nature at the end of its product lifecycle. VIOS is holistically concerned with the sustainable design of shoes and aware of its responsibility for mankind and the environment, namely along the full length of the value-adding chain: from raw materials via development, production and sales all the way to the disposal of the shoes. Here, VIOS relies on scientifically sound knowledge – the source of VIOS’ know-how. The VIOS brand focuses on enthusiasm for attractive shoes and nature – the result is the passion for our work.

Stolitzka erklärt ihre Inspiration

Passion for shoes and holding nature in high esteem have always been the centre of attention for VIOS, whose objective is to manufacture shoes from pure resource-friendly and environmentally compatible materials and in order to holistically protect people and nature in the long-term.

Biologisch abbaubare und industriell gefertigte Schuhen aus ressourcen- und umweltschonenden Materialien
Materials from nature for nature

Sustainable shoe manufacturing requires passion. Innovation and research are just as important as our love of high-quality work here.

“Shoes are the product of highly traditional craftsmanship and deep cultural roots, the value of which should also be expressed. My objective is to develop shoes and their traditional manufacture in such a manner that they can be directly returned to a natural cycle, are fully biodegradable while simultaneously providing pleasure”, says Stefanie Lin, VIOS initiator, who has intensely dedicated herself to the currently little investigated field of sustainable shoe manufacture since 2011. The foundation of the VIOS brand was born following several years of research and the formulation of core values: the development of biodegradable, industrially manufactured shoes produced from resource-friendly and environmentally compatible materials. All of this is backed by intense research and development work which requires a high degree of competence. VIOS obtains scientific findings from cooperation with universities, including the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna (BOKU), sustainable associations such as the International Association of the Natural Leather and Natural Textile industry (IVN) and an extensive network of suppliers and development partners. “As a brand which researches and innovates, we collaborate closely with our suppliers. Our increasing know-how supports us on the path to long-term sustainable shoe production”, says Stefanie Lin. The VIOS concept is designed to reinforce awareness of sustainable shoe production within the industry and the market. VIOS wishes to provide people the security of purchasing high-quality shoes without being concerned about their origin and manufacturing.

The meaning of VIOS

The term VIOS is a combination of the Latin words “vivo” (life) and “via” (path) as well as the Greek word for nature, “bios”. It refers to the brand’s philosophy and its fundamental values, namely the orientation of thought and action according to a natural and conscious path in harmony with people and nature.

VIOS Schuhe Ohne Sorgen – Vom Menschen für den Menschen – Die Geschichte
From human beings for human beings

VIOS is the assurance for holistic sustainable shoes, carefree.

VIOS products are made by human beings for human beings. The added value of the sustainability arises with the use of resource-saving and environmentally friendly materials which meet top quality requirements. Therefore, the manufacture and design, wearing comfort and quality of VIOS products is unique. Headquartered in Austria, VIOS attaches great importance to regional craftsmanship and materials. Therefore, shoes can make people happy without any worries.

Aus der Natur der Sache, VIOS – inspiriert von der Natur
Quality means quality of life

Quality of life – is our highest requirement.

VIOS works for a harmonious future which ensures us and coming generations a high quality of life. This path leads through the passion for quality, the unaccustomed materials and the courage to innovate within reliable production which takes the highest ecological, social and economical standards into account. The quality requirements – and consequently quality of life – is an integral part of VIOS’ work, because quality is literally in the nature of the matter and therefore in VIOS.

Shoes which move the world

Our Way

Together, step by step into the future.

2016 Worldstar Packaging Award

Business Art Honoring 2015
Sustainable Creators Austria

Wellpappe Forum Austria Award 2015

TRIGOS Styria Award 2015
Best CSR-Newcomer