Learning together and bearing responsibility for the future

Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.

(Henry Ford)

Responsibility is a common project and the greater the responsibility the more important reciprocal trust becomes. VIOS works on a holistic basis for tomorrow’s shoe industry, together with people who are intensely involved in responsibility for society and the environment. Therefore, VIOS collects knowledge and know-how for sustainable shoe manufacturing together with its partners, making it possible to create awareness within the industry. The strong partnerships and common goals enable VIOS to bear long-term responsibility for a sustainable shoe industry.

Vios-Kooperation mit dem Schuhhersteller Superfit
Cooperation partners

Legero Schuhfabrik GesmbH uses the VIOS research results as a knowledge source and holder of knowledge in order to advance innovative ecological development approaches for shoe manufacturing.

The VIOS collection, arising from cooperation with Legero Schuhfabrik GesmbH, stands for responsibility, straightforwardness and common learning with the objective of meeting the environment and society with respect. The connection of Legero’s craftsmanship with the VIOS philosophy creates unique, functional shoes which stand for high-quality, natural materials, fresh design and the most stringent quality and comfort requirements. New material developments as well as the passion for tradition and craftsmanship extend existing knowledge with new findings.

The first VIOS children’s shoe collection developed with Legero is manufactured using high-quality ecological materials as well as renewable raw materials. As a result, the shoes provide a fully natural foot climate, increased flexibility and softness – for the best wearing comfort and top security.

VIOS Forschungspartner für einen nachhaltigen Umgang mit natürlichen Ressourcen
Development partners

We all live on the same planet for which we bear joint responsibility.

Long-term relationships with development partners ensure top quality and safety at VIOS. Responsibility lives from people’s passion: the highest social and ecological standards along the full length of the value-adding chain are therefore fundamental. Learning together, transparency and development according to scientific parameters form the foundation of VIOS. VIOS develops resolutely and is constantly on the lookout for new development partners! Therefore, we are happy to note your  interest.

Research partners

BOKU University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna, Institute for Waste Management


The Institute for Waste Management at the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna (ABF-BOKU), has been working on the ecological evaluation of waste management measures for more than ten years. Within the scope of a common project with VIOS, the Institute for Waste Management creates a holistic evaluation of a sustainably generated biodegradable shoe for the first time – from raw material production to disposal.  


University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna Institute IFA – Tulln, Austria


The IFA-Tulln was founded in 1994 as an independent research institute focusing on biotechnology for agriculture. Today, more than 150 employees are working in 6 departments. Our activities range from molecular genetics to innovative analytical methods, from environmental process development and biopolymers to animal and plant production. The important characteristics of the IFA-Tulln is the close networking with research groups within the department, and with further research groups at the BOKU, the Vienna University of Technology and the University of Veterinary Medicine Vienna.

IVN International Association of the Natural Textile and Natural Leather industry

 www.naturtextil.de/naturleder The IVN provides information regarding the application of natural textiles or natural leather by explaining the ecological contexts. The IVN secures quality at a high technical and ecological level. Saving resources, environmental and health protection in production and in use is also in the foreground. Goods are checked for hazardous substances – from their environmental burden via health packages pertaining to manufacturing and everyday use – and tracked up until their disposal and recycling capability. VIOS is an IVN member and supports the Association with its knowledge of sustainable shoe manufacturing. As a result, VIOS’ development is promoted by the extensive IVN network.