Traditional leather manufacturing with modern concepts

Handcrafts have a future.
Also and especially in shoe manufacturing.


Globalisation, automation and digitalisation have changed the production processes in industry considerably. In particular against this backdrop, traditional handcrafts enjoy good opportunities to become (re-)established as a quality feature for the production of sustainable products. Handcraft is not a nostalgic reminiscence of “former times”, but an economically and ecologically interesting alternative to modern production processes. Regionalism, authenticity and naturally quality are the values imparted by handcrafts.

However, the pressure is extensive, so it is not surprising if also regional producers frequently revert to lower quality materials in order to avoid being fully overrun by mass industry. That is exactly where we must start and promote awareness of the virtues and quality of handcraft work. Not as folklore, but as an opportunity for a sustainable means of production which also really deserves the name.

VIOS joins tradition and modern, sustainable production alongside ecologically flawless materials. That enables us to produce contemporary products without having to relinquish original handcraft techniques.

Saturday, 1. April 2017