Live the handcrafts!

As long as we can think, people have been closely associated with manufacturing and processing animal hide as leather: the first leather clothing originates from the mid-European moors and salt mines – more than 4,000 years ago. Here, the same applied as today: the more naturally the leather was processed, the better its positive properties such as breathability, skin-friendliness and individuality were retained in the long-term.

Leather manufacturing is one of the oldest arts of handcraft. Leather symbolises durable human values and the quality and variety we increasingly miss in our fast-moving society. Leather imparts a feeling of permanence and generates an emotional bond with its wearers. Leather products are particularly valuable because they tell stories which encompass entire generations.

The merger between the children’s shoe brand Superfit and VIOS therefore connects conventional manufacturing processes and sustainable production – as the best alternative to normal shoes.

Traditional handcraft and sustainable production – a winning team!

Sunday, 2. April 2017